Saturday, August 27, 2016

Las Vegas North Strip News Flash---->Lucky Dragon Hotel Casino Set to Open this Year

The Lucky Dragon Hotel is set to open this year.  Located adjacent to  & just west of ALLURE LAS VEGAS High Rise Condos on West Sahara Avenue, this new project is sure to breathe some much needed traffic to the North end of the strip.

Read The Lucky Dragon News and See a Slide show of the Project:

SLS has been a disappointment as far as rejuvenating the Strip's north end.  However, my gut feeling is that this hotel-casino will have that Old Vegas feel, and be much more intimate than the mega resorts, and The Lucky Dragon will be a winner. Live seafood, cooked fresh, Asian style, will bring tons of locals who typically drive to Chinatown for this type of fair.  And if The Lucky Dragon has table games at affordable minimums - it might be like the old Thunderbird Hotel on that end of the strip.  For those of you who remember, the T-Bird, was the place to be back in the day - tables were packed - food was great - and it was popular with tourists and locals alike. Most times, you had to wait for an opening at the Craps or Black Jack tables and crowds around a good game were  4 to 5 deep.  The formula was simple - good food - friendly dealers, great lounge acts ( which seem to be a thing of the past).

Steve Wynn's Golden Nugget ( circa 1973)  had that same type of appeal and same business model.  If the Lucky Dragon can capture that Old Vegas intimate appeal & vibe, it will be the winner and just what the North Strip needs.

Allure Las Vegas condos are undergoing a Construction Defect Lawsuit that limits lending options.  Nevada State Bank can still finance there with 25% down and Cash is King.  Condo prices are somewhat depressed at Allure and the asking price per square foot is below current duplication costs. 

Please have a look at what is for sale at ALLURE LAS VEGAS & give us a call.  These units are sure to make awesome rentals and great vacation properties.


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